Long time no post!, BUT WAIT!

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Hello everyone! sorry its been so long since i haven’t posted anything on here, thank you to those who are still following i shall endeavour and always will to…

Lizard Love

Dinsky loves her new vivarium, three days it took us to build, spray foaming and grouting a 125 litre tank wasn’t as easy as i had first expected! but we are glad the… Continue reading

5p Skull

No idea what bird this was! but amazingly clean, found in my garden couldn’t get over how tiny it was! placed next to a UK 5p piece, still mouth open when i see… Continue reading

A li’l Inspiratshiownnnn

Milly Loves Tea, its simple and this was simply the inspiration behind this image! it is an experiment, but i really like it, its to show how she will follow the tea cup… Continue reading

Ah Spiffing, its Spring!

Milly is enjoying herself this spring are you? Especially all these flowers, she likes daffodils the best and rolls around in them, much to my mothers annoyance! (Image from my latest project stay… Continue reading

Very yellow hello!

Leopard gecko Dinsky wishing everyone a very sunny and warm april! And a big warm apologies from me for being away from the blog for so long! Dissertation and then planning an exhibition… Continue reading

Something surreal to look forward to…

I am not quite sure as i am typing this, how much to tell you guys about these images and the idea behind them, however i think all i will say is that this… Continue reading

Flash, ahhhhhahhhhhhha savour of the universe!

Sorry couldn’t resist with the title! (was a favourite childhood programme/film for me) THIS flash however couldn’t save the universe, in fact he doesn’t even know what it probably even is, however he… Continue reading


Now seven months old, purple, yellow, black and white love this leopard gecko, a living piece of natural art, priceless.

I spy with my little eye…

Leopard gecko Dinsky playing in the bed sheets, her eyes are quite captivating when the light hits them right. 

Bathe away whatever the time of day

Milly will bathe in sunshine and moonlight, something i only recently discovered staying up late working on my dissertation.


Recently i have re-surfaced my love for exotic’s and obtained 7 lizards and counting, this is Flash a male crested gecko about a year and a half old now, but i wanted to… Continue reading

Sitty Kitty

There are so many cats just roaming the streets, especially around estates, i love going out for walks and meeting new furry faces! Interestingly however i never see any domestic cats where i… Continue reading

Its Binx, no jinx.

Isn’t she the sweetest thing, i love this side to photography and am so grateful people trust me and are allowing me to grow in my skills and my confidence, this shoot was… Continue reading

Meeting Simba

After meeting Tessa we decided to take a brief walk to the shops with her on the lead. It was a blistering hot day (of which we had, had a great time at… Continue reading

Meeting Tessa

                I finally got to meet and take a few photos of the beautiful Tessa! A very bouncy and larger than life boxer cross lab, a friend… Continue reading

Crouching master, hidden jack russell

Milly loves tea, as some of you may know, she loves tea so much so that if you ask her what she wants she will show you the exact cup and point at… Continue reading

A brief encounter of the canine kind

Interesting personal story behind these two pictures… A rather beautiful dog came walking out of the reeds very calmly over to me on a walk out in Virginia water whilst waiting for Joey… Continue reading

Things are picking up!

So finally i have enough spare time to tear myself away from my busy schedule, i have a university deadline soon and two deadlines that have already just passed within the past two… Continue reading

Florescent Destruction

What happens when you give Milly a tennis ball, after about roughly 40 minutes…