Went walking…



Went for a walk yesterday whilst the sun was still shining! this time without any other dogs with me, just me and my camera, around Guildford park, as usually, if the sun is shining, Uk dog walkers are out and about, in their crowds, perfect photography opportunity.

Images above are of German Shepherd Stella who took a certain interest to me and wouldn’t let her owners continue the walk until she had said hello! she also sat very nicely for her picture to be taken! Thank you Stella and her humans!

I want to make a book about what dogs i meet when out walking, but only photograph the dogs that take an interest in me, not the other way around, and see which breeds are most commonly photographed by me, is it just chance?, or are certain personalities of dogs drawn to certain personalities of certain humans?

Again here i am wanting to study the relationship between dog and man, how can a puppy choose and know who they want to go home with? to spend the rest of their life with? is it like when we choose ourboyfreinds/girlfriends/husbands/wifes?

what do you think?, did your dog choose you?

Please check out my flickr page for more images from this walk, the link is on my home page of this blog!,

please feel free to leave comments and feedback negative or positive, thank you!

Paws out x