Master Beg

Milly is back to her normal self at last, not leaving me or my mums side whilst we watch the telly, especially when we have brewed the kettle and the mug is full sitting in our hands you can indeed expect to find at your feet (sometimes even behind you on the back of the sofa, like a  ninja) staring into your eyes, reading every blink, twitch and movement for the moment when you place you cup on the floor a small white wide eyed Milly moo. If its too hot she wount drink it, but if its cold and the bottom dregs shell lick the cup clean, we do try and stop it from happening, but she is so fast, especially when it comes to gulping down tea, even if you place your finished cup on the side she will sit and grunt and growl at you even pointing with her paw towards the cup and placing her paw on it, (video of that to come soon). 


Luckily this morning she was still quite sleepy and more preoccupied with sleeping in the sunshine, whilst it is shining, i don’t blame her!Image

The stare at work.