Double perspective

These are film stills from the camera I strapped to our family dog and friend of Millys, Missy the border terrier, who lives with my grandparents. One thing about missy is she really isn’t keen on the rain, these film stills are from a short slideshow/montage of images, that once I get onto YouTube I shall upload onto here! In the mean time I hope you enjoy these,

missy puddle lightroom ed 2       missy puddle 2                                    


The camera that I strapped to missy actually fell at one point during the filming, I left it on her as she travelled round the garden and the house, the footage from outside however was the best, inside was quite dark and missy did less of her own thing, she followed us around begging for food!\

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 15.10.54     Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 15.13.44


The reflection of missy’s head and sometimes a couple of paws can be seen, and her chin at times too, for me it was really interesting to see this perspective and then actually be able to gather images that are what I would like to describe almost look like paintings, fine brush strokes, and big sweeping ones make up an image that cannot be easily read, I like this, its a puzzle something you need to figure out, it engages you and also surprises you all at the same time.

missy shake get the foxes 2             Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 15.15.16

Really pleased with the outcome of these! Thank you missy! These are in human vision, basically our colour spectrum, however there is one final change I have added to the final images, as I am a great lover of the abstract and the strange, the colourful and the eccentric


Stay tuned to see the final video and also the final film stills that I decide to use.

Paws out  x