fetch movements


Milly makes such big movements and victory circles i like to call it, around the garden when she plays her favourite game of fetch the tennis ball, seriously it can go on for hours where you actually loose the feeling in your arm, but the small white jack russell will keep going, this has fascinated me especially the route she takes back to you after throwing the ball. So i set up my camera and tripod and did a range of long exposures throwing the ball and capturing where she runs on the camera. The results where just as i had hoped, no route back is the same (i took quite a few, Milly loves fetch a few goes is not enough and she barks at you most upset) So i have roughly a good 20 maybe more minutes of images like the one above. what could i do with these for my narrative brief for university i am thinking…. Well i love jackson pollocks work, its movements and textures, could i overlap some of the images i have, creating these overlapping blurs of my dog. I love creating things out of new ones, new techniques and ways of expressing and sharing something. And me and Milly had good fun in the process.