Spectrum Dog


Finally it is finished, the small movie that i have managed to (with the other two projects currently ongoing also) complete and to a satisfactory (for me) level of completion, however i believe the amount of likes and interest i get in this video shall definitely be the judge of that.

In short it is a camera strapped to the collar of a family border terrier called Missy, a canine pal of Milly and Sally too. However halfway through the filming it slipped and thus enabled be to gather some rather interesting film stills, and thus photographic images of Missy’s movements when left to her own devices amongst her home and garden. The still images are all my choices of artistic looking images made with technology, for example i am interested in using technology and digital processes to look as if its been painted, or is in fact something other than what it actually is.

I like to confuse people with my work sometimes, and then let their curiosity if they like my work enough;  play detective and figure out how i have done it and what it means. (i was the kid in the playground organising games for everyone to play) For example all the film stills are in the dogs spectrum of colour, something i have included on the blog in a previous post. Why you ask? well the camera strapped to the dog is her perspective, i am not intervening where she goes or what she does. The colours present in all the images is actually truly how Missy sees the world, converted in photoshop and also online using an image converter. The capturing of film stills however is from my perspective, i have intervened here. Therefore there are two narrative structures running along side each other and  two perspectives of one experience.

I hope you enjoy, feedback is most welcome!

paws out x