A brief encounter of the canine kind

Interesting personal story behind these two pictures…

A rather beautiful dog came walking out of the reeds very calmly over to me on a walk out in Virginia water whilst waiting for Joey and Lucie to turn up (i like to get to my shoots early, scout out the location before the client) no owner to be seen, but he introduced himself to me by standing in front of me in the water whilst i was photographing the beautiful lake.

Fascinatingly he stood there for a good ten minutes calmly watching me almost as if he was waiting for me to take a picture of him, so of course i did, these are the best that i got before, me and him both heard his owner calling and before i could get anymore shots he was off…


To have a better look at these images as they are slightly small here, i have tided up my photography website a little bit so you can view all my photography that i feel is worthy for your eyes, properly, thanks to a friend making me a layout on tumblr! Special thank you Megan! (i know you will be reading this)


paws out x