Meeting Simba


After meeting Tessa we decided to take a brief walk to the shops with her on the lead. It was a blistering hot day (of which we had, had a great time at the beach) but needed refreshing in form of a nice cold ice cream! on the way (i am glad i took my camera) we met to my friends surprise their cat simba sitting on top of a garage roof sunning himself and looking down on us most sternly.

I know he is not a dog, and i know i have stated that this is a dog blog, but honestly i couldn’t resist sharing that face with you (perhaps its time for a change in content of the blog?) We said our hello’s and goodbyes in a manner of squeaking and chirpy noises we humans make at cats for their attention (majority of the time it works, who’d of thought it?) before leaving the unimpressed looking Simba upon his warm garage roof, sunning cleaning himself.


My summer is going beautifully, meeting so many fluzz-balls.