Ah Spiffing, its Spring!

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 21.16.08

Milly is enjoying herself this spring are you? Especially all these flowers, she likes daffodils the best and rolls around in them, much to my mothers annoyance!

(Image from my latest project stay tuned for more!)

spring flowers

‘Candy’ Crocuses’

We all love flowers, and that first smell of spring that bursts through on the winds can never be mistaken, and is awalys welcomed, watching the trees explode with vibrant green buds, and feeling the evenings become warmer and lighter makes a pleasant change from the cold and wet winter nights, the bbqs get brought out and cleaned (mmmm bbq chicken), and of course the easter bunny hides all its eggs (and everyone gets to eat a lot of chocolate)

YES! Its April and its unfortunately nearly over for many but i am still going looking for all the flowers i can that are still going strong and have recently with the warm weather here is Surrey England have exposed their gloriousness to feast our eyes upon!

Yellow Hawthorne

Hawthorne Flower, pretty and deadly.