Very yellow hello!

dinsky more natural copy

Leopard gecko Dinsky wishing everyone a very sunny and warm april!

And a big warm apologies from me for being away from the blog for so long! Dissertation and then planning an exhibition in london along side creating my own project (photos of that to come soon) before graduating university in less than two months time has really taken it out of me! BUT never fear i am rested and rejuvenated which means lots of exciting new images to come! so please stay tuned i hope i haven’t disappointed too many of you!

leopard gecko Info- Dinsky Being coldblooded understands what it is like to bask in the glorious rays of the sun all day long, we are kind and let her bask sometimes for a couple of minutes in the natural rays (not too long otherwise it can hurt their eyes as they are mostly nocturnal) , she loves it and back into her vivarium she goes,

-she loves mealworms, dubai roaches, and crickets for tea, all dusted in calcium, (twice a week and we rotate bugs, more interesting)

-originating from Pakistan and Afghanistan, these little lizards are pure heat lovers,

-33/35 max degrees basking spot in the hot end of the tank which should cover one side and leave enough middle room for a heat gradient for a cool side which shouldn’t get overly cold.

-These guys are great to handle, a little skittish when young, but the handling is nothing different from a gerbil or hamster, in fact it can be more pleasurable as receiving a little nip from these guys is 100% laughable, never have any of my geckos drawn blood, or hurt me.

– Big recommend for everyone, particularly people who like cats, (a lot of my friends who have cats have really loved the temperament and attitude of these lizards) and a thumbs up first time pet for kids 8-10+ (with adult supervision) but worth buying a leo that is a litre more grown on than a baby leo as they can be very fast and skittish, if you do get a baby its worth growing it up first before serious handling is conducted.

Hope thats cleared some things up about leos for you all!

Stay tuned for more images, my own work, clients and university project work! plus some competitions i have lines up with some yummy prices for you dog, cat, gerbil, whatever pet you own, details to come soon so please stay tuned remember i am on Facebook as well if you would like to personally message me