Long time no post!, BUT WAIT!


Hello everyone! sorry its been so long since i haven’t posted anything on here, thank you to those who are still following i shall endeavour and always will to post up as much as i can whenever i can, recently its been very busy with university, i have PASSED! MY BA HONS PHOTOGRAPHY DEGREE!! YEY!

one cannot describe how happy i am to not have to go back and revisit all that work again! now i can move forward with my skills and put them to better use than just satisfying my teachers!

And to make me ever happier, they have decided on the Free Range Website to use Milly’s Clockdog orange image as one of the images to represent the show in London. Below is a screen shot.

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 17.55.45

As you can imagine i was really surprised that that image was chosen! but of course really grateful little milly is…

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