Who am i? I personally live in a very english, very small village named Hartley Wintney in the UK. I am currently on my final few months of my three year BA Honours Photography Degree at the Universtiy for the Creative Arts in Farnham. I also have a Foundation Degree in Art and Design, an A level in media studies, graphics and photography.


I made this Blog initially to help me towards a university brief and also for my pure love of dogs. However the ‘blog bug’ has definitely taken a hold of me, and now i am endeavoured after good responses to start taking myself seriously as a Photographer (its easier than you think to be quickly disheartened and put off, to be a photographer, its very achievable for the majority of people now, without any qualifications)

But i like a challenge and thats were i come in, i like being different, finding new and innovative ways of doing things, particularly with photography, because well everyone can do it.  I have a lot of respect for animals, they fascinate me beyond comprehension, growing up in the countryside, volunteering at animal shelters, working at a vets for 2 years, working on a farm and owning all the pets i have done has taught me the fundamentals about respect for other living things that i share my existence with, everything is important, and is here for a reason. But why show that reason in a mundane and boring way? My brain says, lets see how we can visually make this look like nothing else.


I hope you enjoy looking around, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment, feedback is most welcome. If you know of anyone who would like some professional momentos of their pets (whatever species they are) and are based in Surrey UK Hampshire and surrounding areas please don’t hesitate to get into contact.

Do also check out my other works and thoughts in the links below & let me know your thoughts!

My photography websites:



Or check out what i am capturing through my lens in my day to day living on my other blog, (loads of pictures of our newest animal additions to the family)