Movements of Thought

A combination of the three images in the previous post ‘Warm thoughts’, looking at movement, and this dream like ghostly opacity that occurs through overlapping images and capturing things in long exposure. Exploring… Continue reading

Fetch movements take 2

  A quick experiment with long exposure images captured during a a favourite game of Milly’s, ‘fetch’. I overlapped some of the many images i have of her chasing after the ball leaving… Continue reading

Spectrum Dog

Finally it is finished, the small movie that i have managed to (with the other two projects currently ongoing also) complete and to a satisfactory (for me) level of completion, however i believe… Continue reading

fetch movements

Milly makes such big movements and victory circles i like to call it, around the garden when she plays her favourite game of fetch the tennis ball, seriously it can go on for… Continue reading

Warm thoughts

Once again Milly has been enjoying the sunshine,  she loves dazing off into a deep sleep sprawled out in any part of the lounge that is bathed in the winter sun from outside,… Continue reading

Double perspective

These are film stills from the camera I strapped to our family dog and friend of Millys, Missy the border terrier, who lives with my grandparents. One thing about missy is she really isn’t… Continue reading


Went this afternoon to a friends house, haven’t seen them or their four legged friend known as Butch for a while now! both are well and looking good and with the right lighting… Continue reading

Master Beg

Milly is back to her normal self at last, not leaving me or my mums side whilst we watch the telly, especially when we have brewed the kettle and the mug is full… Continue reading

Went walking…

Went for a walk yesterday whilst the sun was still shining! this time without any other dogs with me, just me and my camera, around Guildford park, as usually, if the sun is… Continue reading

Dog vision

Inspired once again by our canine friends to apply the colour spectrum for how dogs see too photographs of my own. Not exaggerating but i am really quite excited, going to start on… Continue reading