The Members with Four paws…

This is a little page dedicated to the inspiration behind this blog and my photography work that documents the two members of the family that are very much considered siblings by me and my brother, my dad and mother.


Sally (our first family dog) was a rescue from my Grandfathers vets in Yateley, Hampshire Uk. She was dumped outside in an alleyway near to the vets in a cardboard box, she was badly bruised, and a couple of her ribs where broken. They named her wombat We named her sally, “sally in the alley” me and my brother used to sing. I was 8 when we got her as a pup, i am now 21, making her in human years, 77.

on the look out

And then of course there is ‘Silly Milly’ or ‘Moocha moo’ or ‘Moomoo’ she has many names that we like to say in a silly voice!

(really don’t know why we humans find it satisfying, perhaps the tone animals hear is more important than the meaning of the word? They love it anyway, wagging tails commence!)


Milly (above) is considered by my family one of the most humanised dogs we have had. Very loving (likes to sleep on your lap or in your bed when its cold in the morning more than ‘basket’) She had a near escape from drowning when on her first walk she was chased into a river by bigger male dogs who where by the looks of things walking their owner! The current was too strong and my dad had to jump in a save her; fully clothed, then walk back half a mile to the house with a sopping tiny white puppy.


Above is Milly taking a quick and precariously perched nap next to me on the sofa (she loves the heat from the mac, these things get really stupidly hot)

The connection i do have with her is something not easy to put into words, so i guess making this blog allows me to express that feeling as it cannot be done with just one word, so a whole blog full of thoughts, words and feelings towards our canine companions seemed therapeutically justified.

sallys huge ears in full glory

From me and the Fluffy ones I hope you enjoy and don’t hold back comment, share and follow me for from me and these two!

Paws out x